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Let’s face it, sitting down to blog can take a ton of time and energy. If you’re a wedding photographer like we are, not only do you have to write your blogs, you also have to backlink to vendors, prep your images, and end up somehow putting it all together beautifully. It can genuinely take hours ticket a solid wedding blog done. 

We have recently found a (new to us) tool that has totally transformed how we blog. It has made our process so much quicker, and it made it more enjoyable as well! This incredible change is all thanks to technology. It is the dictation tool in Microsoft Word! 

The dictation tools are actually how we are writing this blog today, and we will have written it in under 5 minutes because all we had to do was speak to our computer. While this technology isn’t new, it is something that is often overlooked, especially since most photographers blog directly within their blogging program. We’ve been blogging in WordPress for years and have done well over 400 blogs. However, never have we ever been able to write them so quickly and efficiently as we have lately! 

Blogging Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms Spring Wedding for Ashley & Chase | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

One of the best parts of using Microsoft Word dictation for our blogging is pretty accurate. If you’re anything like us, you may have been wondering if it’s any good, and while it’s not 100%, it is a massive difference versus having to sit and type out every single sentence for your blog. With backed up editing ques, client emails to respond to, shooting, and blogs to manage, we could all happily save a few minutes! Anything that can help you work quicker is a huge benefit!

Between using Word and Grammarly, we are able to get through blogs so quickly while still making sure that they are grammatically accurate. Grammarly is another great tool that we’ve incorporated into our blogging and emails to make sure we sound professional. If you’ve never heard of it, hurry up and go read about it because it is phenomenal! It corrects your spelling and makes sure that your grammar is correct so that you can send out emails and content so much more confident than you ever have before. 

If you do not have Microsoft Word, we highly recommend that you find another tool like it or download Microsoft Word to benefit from this incredible technology. We hope it saves you so much time, stress, and energy as you go forward with future blogs just like it has for us! 


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