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Hey fellas, Today we’re going to share a little wisdom to help you pick the perfect engagement ring for your future fiance! We know this is a huge decision and there is a lot riding on this one little ring. So, we’ll keep it short & simple so you can get to picking out that […]

For Brides

November 10, 2017

How to Pick Her Engagement Ring


The morning of your wedding is going to be such a fun & exciting time! You’ll be hanging out with your favorite girls, getting ready for your big day & having a blast. In the midst of it all there is a lot to do and a lot that can happen in those few short […]

For Brides

November 9, 2017

7 Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding


Every day it seems like you grab your cell phone, rapidly search for your mom’s number and pray that she answers the phone. As you impatiently wait for her to pick up you think to yourself that in a seemingly long 100+ days you’ll be done with this crazy engagement season. Done making calls about […]

For Brides

November 2, 2017

Do You Really Need Engagement Pictures?


Bird cage veils, mason jars, burlap, puffy sleeves & baby’s breath. We’ve watched trends flow in and out of the wedding industry over our years shooting weddings. Scroll back through Pinterest and type in “2015 Wedding trends” and you’ll see soft, pale pinks & blue, naked cakes galore, and more and more greenery being used. […]

For Brides

October 11, 2017

Should Your Wedding Be On Trend?


Hey Y’all! Today we’re sharing about the question we get asked quite often: “where should we shoot our engagement pictures?”. While we always recommend getting creative and thinking of somewhere unique for your session, we understand that sometimes you might not have anywhere in mind! We’ve actually got a whole blog post setup for how […]

For Brides

October 5, 2017

Birmingham Engagement Session Locations


Whether your engaged, married, single or somewhere in between, relationships are so important! Creating strong bonds with the people you love is key to so many “success” factors in your life whether its networking, feeling secure, or having a team of supporters in your life. While we all want to have strong, thriving relationships we […]

For Brides, For Photographers

October 4, 2017

Small Changes to Improve Your Relationships