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We're Katie & Alec Dixon. Ice cream obsessed, fun-loving husband-and-wife wedding photographers based in Birmingham, Alabama. We shoot joy-filled weddings on the weekends and fill our weeks with editing, too much sugar, and things that make us laugh hard. Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web. We hope that you'll stay a-while and enjoy our latest work & posts. 


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When it comes to your wedding photos, your first family heirlooms, the photos you’ll pass down to the generations that come after you you don’t want to mess around. You’ll painstakingly pick out the perfect photography style for you, invest into a great photographer, now how can you ensure they’ve got everything they need to […]

For Brides

August 20, 2018

5 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Wedding Photos


We won’t even lie, one of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is all the pretty rings we get to work with. Well, to be more specific it’s Katie’s favorite part 🙂 Everyone is unique to the couple, gorgeous in it’s own way, and totally beautiful! Plus, what girl doesn’t love jewelry? It’s hard […]

For Brides

August 19, 2018

10 Incredible Engagement Rings


The morning of your wedding will go SO quickly and we don’t want you to have to worry about a single thing 🙂 It should be all about having fun, sipping on mimosas, and hanging out with your girls! Below are a few tips for the morning of your wedding that will help things go as […]

For Brides

August 13, 2018

5 Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding


We get asked the same question time & time again: what is a bridal session? Most brides are a little confused by what they are and whether or not they need one. It’s totally understandable too because they are confusing!  Simply put: a bridal session is a separate session where the brides gets in her […]

For Brides

August 10, 2018

What is a Bridal Session & Why Do One?


Time and time again we have couples asking for location suggestions for their engagement session, wedding photos, or even new photographers asking for location ideas. We’ve shot all over this Magic City and have an inside scoop into some of the most popular, iconic Birmingham locations. So, we figured it was time to create a […]

For Brides

July 18, 2018

9 Incredible Birmingham Photo Locations


Stress. The biggest word we hear people throw around about weddings is hands down stress. What’s sad is that’s not even close to what weddings are really about or what they have to be. In fact, we fully believe weddings are meant to be fun, memorable days where you leave full of joy! They’re a […]

For Brides

July 3, 2018

How to Have A Stress-Less, Fun Wedding