May 24, 2017

How to Pick Your Getting Ready Room

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When planning your wedding, we know you’ll have 1,000 decisions to make that are all very important to creating a beautiful day. From the vendors you will choose, to the people you will surround yourself with there are so many things to think of. With so many moving parts, sometimes the little things can get overlooked like where you’ll get ready the morning of. We wanted to narrow in on this today because it is something that is easy to dismiss, but it can make a great impact on your getting ready photos. Hopefully these tips will help you pick the perfect location that will fit your wedding day!

  1. Look for natural light. What we mean by this is look for windows! Window light is going to be the most flattering for your skin tone and keep you looking natural. It will also allow you to get those bright & airy images you want!Getting-Ready-Robert-Trent-Jones-Muscle-Shoals-Wedding-Katie-And-Alec-Photography-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-Photographers
  2. Pick somewhere with neutral colored walls. Very dark walls can make your images look dull and moody, and brightly colored walls can make your skin reflect the color of the walls. The best way to give yourself classic, timeless getting ready photos is by providing your photographer with a neutral background. Getting-Ready-B&A-Warehouse-Weddings-Katie-And-Alec-Photography-Best-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-Photographers
  3. Pick somewhere uncluttered or that you can easily unclutter. Specifically, pay attention to if there are lots of pictures on the walls or unflattering items like lamps & clocks. We have found that some hotels tend to have generic art on the walls you can’t remove. Just think about if you would be okay with items like this being in your photos.Getting-Ready-Auburn-Chapel-Wedding-Katie-And-Alec-Best-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-Photographers
  4. Find a location you can fit everyone into. If you’re dreaming of getting ready photos with your bridesmaids, make sure everyone can fit in comfortably. If you’re wanting a photo of everyone on a bed in their robes, you probably need to make sure the bed is big enough, etc. The last thing you’ll want is for half of your girls to be stuck in another room. Getting-Ready-Robert-Trent-Jones-Muscle-Shoals-Wedding-Katie-And-Alec-Photography-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-Photographers
  5. Choose somewhere you’re comfortable with. On the morning of your wedding you’ll have a lot going on. Being comfortable & feeling relaxed will be so important to you on  your wedding day. Some brides choose hotels so they don’t have to worry about cleaning up. Others like being at home because they know they’re able to have access to everything they need. Really, it’s up to what will make you feel your best.


Ultimately, your getting ready room will be the background of a tiny portion of your portrait time, but it will make a big difference. In the end, you’ll want the space to give you photos that will match the aesthetic of the rest of your wedding day. We hope that these tips help prepare you for some gorgeous pictures and a wonderful wedding day!


Katie & Alec


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