October 11, 2017

Should Your Wedding Be On Trend?

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Bird cage veils, mason jars, burlap, puffy sleeves & baby’s breath. We’ve watched trends flow in and out of the wedding industry over our years shooting weddings. Scroll back through Pinterest and type in “2015 Wedding trends” and you’ll see soft, pale pinks & blue, naked cakes galore, and more and more greenery being used. Type in “2013 wedding trends” and you’ll see mint, purple, and whole lot of feathers.

Just as fashion trends come and go (hello chokers & velvet crushed tops from the 90s, we’re talking about you) weddings see their own fashions rise & fall. For couples in the midst of wedding planning it can be easy to get caught up in the hype of the current style, but will it serve you well? We’ve come up with 3 questions to help you decide if something “trendy” could be a real fit for your wedding or if you’re just caught up in it all.

Trend- Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

Is this true to who we are as a couple?

More than anything we think your wedding day should represent you & your love 100%! Whether you’re super laid back & chill or upbeat and peppy your design can be totally you. From rustic to urban to classic there are so many options for wedding decor. Before you pick a tren you saw on Pinterest or something you saw at a friends wedding just ask yourself if its true to you. You’ll love your day so much more if it speaks to who y’all are 🙂

Trend- Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

Will I like this in 10 years? Would I have liked this 5 years ago?

We think this question is a huge deal when planning your wedding! Will you look back at your images and go, “oh my gosh, that’s so 2018!!” like we do at our parent’s wedding photos from the 70s & 80s? Will the more timely things you decorate with make you smile or make you cringe? Sometimes using more classic details can create a timeless look for your wedding can give you the best photos in the long run. Of course, if you’ve got a trend you just can’t live without you’ll always love those photos because of it!

Trend- Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

Would my fiance really like this? What about our guests?

Guys have a tendency to tell you exactly what they think without filtering it. This makes them an awesome person to bounce ideas off! Ask them to be honest (and kind) & to explain why they do or don’t like a trend or decor idea. Maybe they’ll even say you can choose what you want & you’ll have free reign to make it just what you want!

Just because something is currently on trend doesn’t mean it’s bad to incorporate it into your wedding. It also doesn’t mean you have to include it in your wedding day. Some people just belong in a barn venue or in a birdcage veil. So please don’t get us wrong, it’s totally dependent on your personal style as a couple! We just want to make sure when you look back at your wedding photos years from now you still love what you see! We hope these questions help you do just that 🙂


Katie & Alec


P.S. We love all the photos, trends and all, that we shared above 🙂 They were totally spot on for our amazing couples and were incredible for their wedding days!

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