January 15, 2018

Meet Our Assistant, Sam!

Dear goodness are we SO excited to be sharing this post with you today! Our sweet, sweet assistant Sam has been working with us for over a year on some of our bigger weddings. She’s super adorable, kind, and will make your day brighter just by being in it. When we’re moving at wedding speed, a.k.a. the speed of light (or so it seems) she’s the one who keeps us on track like a well-oiled machine. Katie jokes that she’s her brain on a wedding day, because she kind of is! She’ll be there to carry your train, find your great aunt when she wonders off, and help us immensely during portrait time.

Her job is mainly to support us so that we can focus on doing what we do best. She carries our bags, holds the reflector for us during portrait times, and basically anything else we could need. Her end goal is to make sure we have more time to take pictures of you! She can also occasionally be found breaking out a dance move or two during the reception, and she’s not bad!

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If you can’t tell, we really, really like her! She adds so much value to a wedding day!! So, before your big day arrives we wanted to introduce you to her so you can know a little bit about the lady we’ll be bringing along with us.

Here’s a few of her favorite things according to her:

Traveling, my favorite place is Disney World.

Anything pink.

Vanilla Coke, extra vanilla please!

California Pizza Kitchen any day, any time.

Online Makeup Tutorials & Anything Makeup Related. I love experimenting with new looks and lip sticks!

I drink coffee like a Gilmore girl.


We hope that you’ll love having Sam there on your big day just as much as we enjoy having her with us! If you have any other questions about her assisting us or any other wedding photography related questions, please just let us know! -Katie & Alec


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