January 16, 2018

The Story of Us: Part 10 the Apartment Days

We love stories! Every couple has their own & one of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples and hearing theirs. The joy of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough! And at the end of it, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story too. From our college campus to our little 1940’s home today, here’s our story from our first meeting to our first home together.

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Part 10: The Apartment Days

You know that feeling you get deep down when you really don’t want to do something… Katie had that knot in her stomach when she packed her things to move into that little apartment in Southside. She’d grown up there those past three years of college, sure, but it was a bachelor pad through-and-through. Every good memory created in that little space meant the world to her: their first kiss, the first time Alec whispered “I love you,” and all the other ones that formed their relationship… It wasn’t the emotion of it she hated, it was the apartment itself.

When they got engaged they had talked it all over and she knew it was coming. She was elated about marrying Alec & starting their life together. She hoped and prayed she could talk Alec into a new place and she gave it an honest effort. The entire year they were engaged she bookmarked cute, affordable apartments for him to look at. He did but he couldn’t be swayed. It was so cheap with a ton of space, it just made sense. So, the night after they got married she moved into the apartment and began to make her own mark.

Two years later and a coat of paint that little apartment still didn’t quite feel like “home.” They’d always be thankful for the space and all it meant to them. Emotionally it was more home than anywhere, but Katie had started crying more days than not when she stepped on the wobbly stairs to their door and or saw a little bug roam around the bathroom. They both knew their time there was coming to an end and she prayed for it to come quickly. Alec felt bad that they were still there. The carpet from who knows when and the mini marigold colored appliances were starting to drive him crazy to. He just wanted to make her a little happier…

The Story of Us Apartment Days | Katie & Alec Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

We don’t have a ton of photos of us in that little apartment on the corner of 14th and 12th. This one is a gem though because we were SO proud of this thin coat of paint. As much as we didn’t like living there we are so thankful for those years we were there. Alec lived there for 6 years and Katie for 2. It gave us space to grow, humbled us, and holds so many memories we’ll always love. It’s a reminder that no matter where we started we started together <3

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