October 31, 2017

The Story of Us: Part 3 The Compliment

We love stories! Every couple has their own & one of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples and hearing theirs. The joy of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough! And at the end of it, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story too. From our college campus to our little 1940’s home today, here’s our story from our first meeting to our first home together.

Part 1: Frisbee & Red Bull

Part 2: Fall Retreat

Part 3: The Compliment

Part 4: The “Breakup”

Part 5: Leap Year

Part 6: CiCi’s Pizza

Part 7: Trivia Night Fight

Part 8: The Proposal

Part 9: To Whom It may Concern

Part 10: The Apartment Days

Six outfits, countless pairs of shoes, and a missing earring that caused a breakdown later and she was no less nervous than the day he asked her out. Butterflies were a major understatement, it felt more like a hurricane had settled into her stomach. Katie had been crushing hard for the cute older guy she met a couple months before. She made sure to start attending the Campus Crusade meetings to see him again without being too creepy, which it still felt weird. She’d never felt this way about a guy before. Even more so, she didn’t think he knew she existed.

It still didn’t feel real that they were finally going on a date. “I can’t believe I’m going out with Alec Dixon!!!” The thought kept running through her mind again & again & again. When had he noticed her? What made him pick her? Could this really be real?

Flip Burger at the Summit was ready for them. The hostess ushered them to a large, plush white booth with dim lighting and handed them their laminated plastic menus. Who could possibly pick from all the options let alone read them all when they’re that nervous? Alec barely looked up from the menu even though he could barely read it, he just couldn’t contain his nerves. He was typically so confident and didn’t know why he couldn’t hold his composure. Across the booth Katie couldn’t help but crack a smile because of how nervous he clearly was. It was totally unexpected and to her totally adorable. Maybe she wasn’t the only one who couldn’t believe they were there.

The only time the entire dinner that he looked up was to give her a compliment. “You have really pretty shaped teeth,” he said and immediately looked downward towards his lap. It was a sweet but strange compliment and it totally melted Katie’s heart into a puddle on the ground (in fact we still laugh about the silly but sweet compliment years later). As they talked and sipped their milkshakes Alec had no clue just how big an impression he had made. She treasured every moment of the night and stored it away in her heart for later. It was the beginning of something, they just didn’t realize it at the time…




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