November 21, 2017

The Story of Us: Part 6 CiCi’s Pizza

We love stories! Every couple has their own & one of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples & hearing theirs. The joy of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough! And at the end of it, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story too. From our college campus to building our dream home, here’s our story from “I noticed you” to “I do.”

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It was the perfect end of summer when the world seemed to be creating the most amazing mixture of weather & life. School had started back after a tough summer apart while Katie had been in Miami on a mission trip. Long distance was hard, but Katie & Alec were back together and inseparable like never before. Now they got to see each other nearly every day on campus and today was no exception.

Alec had planned a date for them based on something Katie had talked on and on about. CiCi’s Pizza. Romance central. When you’re in college and broke it feels like a totally different ambiance & level of class.

Alec showed up in his little white Jeep Wrangler that rattled on the interstate when the wind whipped the soft top. He looked so good sitting in the front seat as he pulled in front of her dorm. Katie jumped in and off they went on their big date night. Over that cheap CiCi’s pizza & desserts they talked about everything: school, Miami, friends, God, and the future. Now that they were back together in person they thought of that a lot more but they didn’t talk about it. They couldn’t help it though. Especially when they saw this sweet elderly couple sitting in the booth behind them, hand-in-hand. You could see years of life worn on them, yet they were still holding hands, loving one another like they probably always had.

It sparked something in Katie & Alec and they dreamed about the days when maybe they would be that lucky. Maybe it would be with each other and that thought thrilled them. What if this was the person they’d spend their life with? The conversation moved another direction with their final few bites of brownies & cinnamon rolls. Both of them kept the thought of it going within them and the car ride home was so sweet.

When they pulled back into the dorms neither one of them wanted it to end but life beckoned. As Katie walked back towards her dorm, Alec frantically lowered his window with the manual crank and yelled out her name and said, “Hey, I’m gonna marry you someday.” What she said next melted him inside & shocked her, “Bring it on…”

An actual excerpt from Alec’s journal that night: “Last night, I just got to spend some time with her and realized that I wanted to spend everyday with her. When I dropped her off, I said ‘Hey, I’m gonna marry you some day’. She grinned and said ‘Bring it on’. Oh my goodness it was so cute. I really love this girl and I’m so happy with where I am.”

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