January 29, 2020

Before You Plan Your Wedding, Read This

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Dear Bride,

Getting engaged is a whirl-wind of joy, excitement, and anticipation. You’ve been waiting for the moment you could call him your fiance & it is finally here!! YAY!!

Next up, wedding planning! Maybe you’re excited for it, maybe you’ve heard how stressful it can be. Either way, it’s the task at hand. Before you jump into it though, we wanted to share a secret with you… wedding planning isn’t the most important part of this season in your life. You read that right. It may feel like it, you may have people tell you it is, you may accidentally make it that but it’s most certainly not.

No, the secret we have for you is that wedding planning is not *that* important. Instead, planning for your marriage is. So, as you enter into your engagement season, know it is just one day. Your marriage will outlast your wedding day. You’re about to commit to forever. Think about that… it’s a huge deal.

So, as you plan for your wedding don’t forget to plan for your marriage. Read marriage books, watch sermons, attend a marriage conference, and make pre-marital counseling a priority. Talk out the big things with your fiance. Take time to go on dates and not talk about wedding planning. All these things will help set you up for success in your marriage.

We also encourage you to find people who will cheer you on. Be selective in who you let speak into your marriage. Spend time with people older and wiser than you who have successful marriages.

Really, we could go on-and-on about this. If you take nothing else away from our plea to you, please remember your wedding day is ultimately about launching you into your marriage. It is not the end-all-be-all, rather its a good place to start. Know we are praying for you & here cheering you on all along the way!


Katie & Alec


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