June 20, 2017

How to Choose Your Engagement Session Location

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Your engagement session is meant to capture the joyful time of being engaged. We believe that these photos should capture the love between you and your fiance, as well as who you really are together. The location is up to you! We love shooting in new places, because it stimulates our creativity. Plus, we want the location to fit your style and be special to you. How do you pick your dream location though? Well, we’re here to help! Here’s a few tips for picking a great engagement session location.

What look do you want?

Before choosing your location, think about what kind of look you’re hoping to achieve. If you’ve seen rooftop photos you love, then picking a rural location in the woods won’t give you the same look. Think along the lines of urban, classic, rustic, or outdoorsy. By choosing the general feel you want for your session, you’ll be able to narrow down locations easier! If you’re working with us, we offer two locations with every engagement session! This allows you to mix things up and get more variety with the locations you choose!

How to Choose your engagement session location | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Think of significant locations. 

Did your fiance propose in your favorite park? Did you fall in love at your college? Maybe you’ve always gone to the same coffee shop for serious talks? Whatever your “spot” might be we love it when our couples choose a special place to include in your engagement photos! It’s a great way to honor big moments in your relationship. Plus, it will add value to the photos that you will always love. Just make sure to tell us why during your shoot so we can share that story with your friends and family!

How to Choose your engagement session location | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Think Outside the Box

Maybe someone in your network can get you access to an exclusive private estate, a lush farm, cotton field, upscale resort, sports stadium, airplane hangar, or a downtown rooftop. The sky is literally the limit! Finding a unique location can give you one-of-a-kind photos that you’ll always love! Plus, you’ll have photos unlike anyone else! So, spend some time thinking about your location options with your fiance and see what you can think of, it may surprise you!

How to Choose Your Getting Ready Location | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographer

Are They Realistic?

We allow all of our couples to choose up to two different locations within 10 minutes driving time from one another. When considering multiple locations it’s super important that you think if they’re actually realistic for one session. How far away are they from each other? Will you have a place to change your outfits? Will you be able to make it to the location on time if you have a hair & makeup appointment or work beforehand? The last thing you’ll want is to be rushed or even late to your session because it is too far away. So before you schedule your session locations, we suggest taking a moment to look them up on maps and see if they’re realistic for you!

You really can’t go wrong when picking a location. Ultimately, if you pick somewhere you feel comfortable and would love being in your photos, you’ll be all set to go. As long as we have light, good weather, and you’re in love then our photography needs will be met. If you get down to things and you just can’t decide, don’t be afraid to ask us for suggestions. We love helping!

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