June 12, 2017

How to Get Phenomenal Detail Shots

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Your wedding photos are meant to capture your entire day in a way that allows you to relive every little detail for years to come. From your first look to the moment you leave, every photo documents the hard work of wedding planning that you’ll have put in. We personally believe in honoring every little detail that you’ll spend creating. Whether that’s the custom ring that your fiancé designed or your custom invitations, they’re all important.

During every wedding we photograph, we schedule time for detail shots. Those images almost always end up being some of our brides favorites! There are a few tips that we give all of our brides when prepping them to help get the best details pictures. Today we’ve decided to share them with you so you too can have phenomenal detail shots!

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama Katie and Alec | How to Get Phenomenal Detail Shots|

Bring Everything Together

At the beginning of the day, go ahead and bring anything you want detail shots of. We always suggest putting them in a bag or box so they’re easy to keep track of. As an added bonus, we suggest giving one of your bridesmaids your bag/box of details and letting them be in charge so you have less to keep track of. This will get us right down to business without wasting time finding your details. The more time we can have for shooting, the better!

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama Katie and Alec | How to Get Phenomenal Detail Shots|

Don’t Be Afraid to Include Fun Items

Nothing brings us more joy than when a bride includes details like her invitation suite (bonus points if it’s got calligraphy on the envelopes), perfume, or even special keepsakes. In our opinion, you can’t bring too many details! They’ll just give us more to work with and add more personality to your images. Making sure you include your shoes, all three rings, and other classic details is a must. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or include items you wouldn’t initially think of.

Clean Your Bling

Your ring will make the center stage for pictures throughout your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to get your ring cleaned beforehand! The extra sparkle definitely won’t hurt your photos!

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama Katie and Alec | How to Get Phenomenal Detail Shots|

Let Us Know Why 

When we know why you included specific details, we can make sure to give them the special attention they deserve. Engravings in rings and other small details may be something that we don’t see if we aren’t informed beforehand. Other details like the pearls your Grandmother left you, the engagement ring passed down in your fiancés family, or the gift that your dad gave you the morning of… Let us know! Besides helping us pay special attention to these items, it also helps us tell your story better.

We hope these tips help you get amazing detail photos in your wedding gallery! Feel free to comment if you have any questions for us! If you found this helpful, we highly suggest checking out our tips for picking the perfect getting ready room!

Lots of love!

Katie & Alec

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