May 8, 2019

5 Ways to Be the Best Bridesmaid

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Being able to stand by your best friend on her big day is an honor unlike any other. She’s picked you, out of all the people in her life to stand by her for this. That’s huge! So, how can you be the best possible bridesmaid and show her love? We’ve got some tips we wish every bridesmaid knew that are sure to help you be the best!

Absorb her stress, don’t make it worse:

Honestly, we see this happen all the time… A well meaning bridesmaid continues asking the bride 100s of questions and doesn’t let her breath. The bride already has 1,000 things on her mind and enough stress that this can throw her over the edge.

Instead of asking her or pushing her buttons, ask how you can reduce her stress instead. Let her know you’re there to help however she needs. Be the one person who doesn’t need anything from her. She will be so thankful for it!

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Don’t tell her what goes wrong, fix it:

Hands down this is our biggest piece of advice!! The last thing we want to see for our brides is them only being able to focus on the negatives. Something is bound to go wrong throughout the day, but she doesn’t need to know about it. If it can be fixed, fix it. If it can’t, let it go.

There’s almost always a solution that doesn’t have to involve stressing her out more than she already is. You’re there to serve her and help so do just that without announcing it.

How to be an amazing bridesmaid | Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography

Build her up:

Again, bride’s need a lot of positive energy. Today is the day to shower her with kindness, encouragement, and to let her know how loved she is. Choose all your words carefully and use them well! This will make the day so much more joyful for her, even if things are going wrong. Who doesn’t love being built up by others?!

Serve her whole-heartedly:

Your job on the wedding day is to be the bride’s maid. That means helping her when she needs it and making sure she’s taken care of. Serve her well, try to anticipate her needs, and be willing to be her go-to person.

How to be an amazing bridesmaid | Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography

Remember it’s not about you:

This one may sound so obvious, we know, but it’s worth saying. Wedding days are long & stressful. It’s so easy in the midst of that to get caught up in what you want & need. Try to remember that it’s one day. One day where you can set aside how you feel and go all out in showing your friend love & support.

We hope that these tips give a little insight on how you can love & serve your friend to the best of your ability. Our goal is to see all of our sweet K&A brides be treated with love & care.


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