January 14, 2020

Should You Invest in a Wedding Album?

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Shortly after Katie’s grandfather passed away, we found ourselves crowded around family photo albums. It was sobering for us to sit there, flipping through the pages of time watching her Grandpa & Nana slowly age before our eyes. Photos we now the only thing we had left to remind us of his face, his goofy smile, his silly dance moves.

The most incredible moment for us was passing around their wedding album. We giggled at her nana’s huge cat eye glasses from the 40s, awed at their first dance photos, and cherished every moment. Those photos mean the world to us, now more than ever.

That’s when it hit us harder than it ever had before. Printing your photos is so, so important to honoring & creating your legacy. In a digital world where we deliver photos on an online gallery, where they can be stored on your phone & shared to social media in an instant it is so easy to forget that. It may seem totally okay to have them all online, but social media platforms change… websites shut down… computers crash… photos can easily get lost in the scroll.

As you sit down and decide if an album is right for you or not, here are a few tips to help you chose. 

1. It’s your legacy

Wedding planning is definitely not cheap. You’ll be faced with a ton of investment decisions as you move forward with planning. It can be easy to think about wedding albums & think they’re just another expense you don’t need right now. Even though they may be a heft investment, you should really weigh your options. That one cost is an investment in preserving your memories, your love story, your family photos forever.

Just think, your future children & grandchildren will likely thumb through your album in awe of the love that started their family. How incredible is that?! Having a wedding album is an incredible way to tell your story for generations to come.

Stone Bridge Farms Cullman Wedding Day - Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography Album

2. Technology is always changing

This one is pretty obvious, we know. Technology has changed so rapidly in just the last decade! 10 years ago DVDs were still big, MySpace had just died, and Instgram had just been released. It’s crazy how much has come & gone in that time. Over the last decade most photographers offered custom USB drives to store your photos. Now, most computers don’t even have a port for you to plug your USB drive into! One thing you can trust to stand the test of time is your heirloom wedding album. As long as you take care of it, it will be there for you!

3. A tangible reminder

The point of your wedding album isn’t that you’ll flip through it every single day, which you might. No, it’s to preserve your memories, honor your legacy & to remind you of where your marriage started. It’s a celebration of your marriage! It’s a reminder of the good things that have come before & a reminder that their is always hope. In the good times & bad it is there to remind you of why you embarked on this journey with your spouse & how far you have come. We love knowing you’ll have an easily accessible, tangible reminder of that in every season of life.

4. It’s easy to forget to print

After your wedding has come & gone & you have your photos back it can be so exciting! You’re finally married, maybe you’ve just moved or are moving, life is happening so quick. It can be so easy to get your photos & then totally get too busy to print them. If you add an album to your package up-front, you’ll have a reminder & motivation to get that done! We think of it as one less thing for you to think of or worry about.

Stone Bridge Farms Cullman Wedding Day - Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography Album

If you’re on the fence about adding an heirloom album, don’t worry. As a KA couple you can always order an album from us after your wedding day! We’re also here to answer and & all the questions you may have about them!



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