February 19, 2020

Why Hire Husband-&-Wife Wedding Photographers

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Alright, going into this we’ll be real with you. We’re definitely biased on this one. As a husband-&-wife wedding photography team we know all the benefits that come from that! We just couldn’t hold back solid, beneficial information from you because we might look biased.

As you’re searching for your perfect wedding photographer(s) there is so much to consider. Style, budget, offerings, etc. The list goes on-and-on. A big point on that list though should be having more than one photographer.

Why Have More than One Photographer

Having more than one photographer means you have less of a chance of missing important moments. It also means you’ll get more photos, more variety, and have more than one person on your team. Those are really important factors. Especially if you have a large family or bridal party, loads of details, or an elaborate wedding day design it’s so important.

Also, realistically, if you have all those things, your photographer can’t be in two places at once. It’s just not possible. That’s a lot to ask of one person, no matter how talented they are. Are you wanting a gorgeous photo of you walking down the aisle with your dad and one of your sweet groom’s reaction? Two photographers would best capture that. Especially if it’s a short aisle or you nervously walk too fast. In our opinion, it’s not worth risking those moments.

About Second Shooters

Having two people who know how to work well together is so important! Most photographers hire on a second shooter. This is an extra person to capture more details than one photographer ever could on their own. They may be shooting different things than the main photographer too. I.E. the main photographer could be shooting family photos while the second photographer captures the reception set up. If you’re having a detail oriented or longer wedding day especially it is important to have a second photographer.

Whether or not the main photographer knows their second shooter well or have even worked with them before can change wedding from wedding and photographer to photographer. Now, highly experienced photographers who only work with second shooter *should* be able to effectively communicate with their second shooter. So, just ask how often they work with the same second shooter.

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Why Hire a Husband-&-Wife Team

The difference in hiring a husband-&-wife team is we always work together. We know each other better than anyone else in the world. On top of it, we work so well together after all these years of photographing weddings together. We have a solid relationship and make a phenomenal team!

Plus, you’ll get a guy and a girl. Think about it, guys and girls have totally different views of the world. In our instance, Katie is the detail oriented, pinterest style photographer. Alec on the other hand is more candid, in the moment focused. That means you won’t just get pretty, girly photos, you’ll also get the more emotional, real raw moments. To us, we think that’s a better blend for our couples!

Guys also tend to be way more comfortable during getting ready photos with another guy. The same goes for the ladies! We split up on that part of the day to make sure everyone is at ease. Really, most men prefer having a guy photographer and it can help their nerves. They have someone to relate to.


There are so many things to consider when choosing your ideal wedding photographer. Hopefully we have helped shed some light on one of your options. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about the signature Katie & Alec Wedding Experience contact us here!


Katie & Alec

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