February 20, 2020

How to Set Your Wedding Planning Priorities

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Wedding planning is notoriously one of the most fun yet stressful times in life. Budgeting, planning all the little details, booking vendors… The list of decisions you’re expected to make is long & endless. This can be daunting, especially when it comes to setting a budget for your big day! One thing to help ease the stress of making those initial decisions is setting a list of your priorities.

These will be the items when you want to pour in your time, money, and planning. So, they’re very important in the overall process! But where do you start?

1. Talk to Your Fiance

What is most important to you might not be as important to them. Sit down and talk about your vision for your wedding, what gets you most excited, and what you really don’t care about. As you talk things out, write down a combined list of priorities in order of importance.

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2. Think About What Makes an Impact

Some things will make a bigger impact on your overall wedding day than others. We personally love floral designs, your wedding dress, and the ceremony and reception decor. Those will likely be things guests remember more than real silverware or your wedding programs. So, as you’re setting your priorities think about what your guests will remember and what you want to see in photos.

Other smaller items can make it appear like you prioritized something while allowing you to pair it back. I.E. your wedding bouquet will be in almost all the photos you’re in, so it’s worth investing in yours even if you’re not prioritizing flowers. For a more complete list, check out our post Items You Need to Splurge on for Your Wedding.

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec - Classic Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms Wedding 6 Priorities

3. Look at Your Budget

Be realistic with your wedding budget. Most people can’t pull off a $5,000 wedding without either seriously skimping on everything or having some serious connections. Look online and typical costs in your area and go from there. Decide what you can afford, really want to, and can’t afford. This will easily help questionable items either fall off or officially make it on your priority list.

4. Go With Your Gut

If you just know in your heart you have to have stunning florals or you would always regret it, make it work. We’re not saying go into debt for it, but make the sacrifices you need to. We regularly have K&A couples do this to make sure they get the photography coverage they really need. In the long run, those really important priorities are 100% worth the investment of your time, money and planning efforts.

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