February 21, 2020

Why We Meet For Ice Cream

Whenever we get a new inquiry from a potential KA couple our hearts start to flutter! Its so exciting getting to meet so many sweet couples who are about to enter into marriage. There is literally no greater joy in our lives than to serve them & cheer them on!

Back when we first started meeting people we would take them out for the usual, coffee. Every time we would choke down what little coffee we could stand (don’t judge, we’ve tried it). After a while, it got old. Each little coffee shop felt so unlike us. Cold, dark colors & a sea of people with laptops.

We craved something more fun & like us. So, we got to thinking of where we wanted to meet. That’s when it hit us: Edgewood Creamery in Homewood. It holds a special place in our heart for a few reasons:

  1. Katie worked there in college

Yep! Back in the day Katie could help you with what was in any ice cream & provide you with that magical desert. We love knowing the owners & a lot of the employees there. It makes us feel at home and we know our clients will be loved & served as they deserve. She can also help you pick the perfect flavor because she knows everything about them all!

The Story of Us the Proposal | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Ice Cream

2. It’s where we had our engagement party!

After Alec proposed he had coordinated a huge party back at the creamery! We had 30+ friends join us for ice cream cake. To this day its one of our favorite memories! It brings us joy knowing we get to celebrate others joy over their engagement in that same spot. If you want, you can read about our proposal here!

3. Because ice cream is amazing, DUH.

While not everyone likes coffee, everyone can find something at the creamery. They have low-fat, dairy free & low calorie options. They also have snow cones, smoothies, and if all else fails toppings 🙂 We truly believe that meetings are way more fun when ice cream is involved!

Really, there are so many reasons we love meeting for ice cream. Our favorite though is seeing the people we meet with light up when they see all the options. It’s so fun seeing how refreshed people are that this isn’t just another boring meeting in a coffee shop 🙂


Katie & Alec

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