May 13, 2020

How to Get Light & Airy Engagement Photos

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Have you been dreaming of light, bright and airy engagement photos? Of course, the first step is hiring a great photographer with that style. After that, there are a few basic choices you can make to ensure the engagement session of your dreams!

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, picking light and airy locations for your photos will make a huge difference. You can’t get bright images in dark spots. Look for white walls, marble, and lighter spots for photos. If you’re wanting a park or something similar, make sure it has shade but not so much it comes off as dark. The best tip for this is looking for shady spots where you can look up and still see the sky. Spots like that make for great lighting!

Katherine & Tim's Engagement Session

Think Light, Colors

Your outfits will also have a big impact on the brightness of your photos. We always recommend our couples wear light, neutral colors. Not only do they flatter everyone, but it also softens the photo making it more bright! It’s a win-win!

Opt for Golden Hour

Golden hour is the 1-2 hours before sunset. By choosing to start your photo session at golden hour you’ll get the softest, prettiest light of the day. It creates less shadows too which is key for airy looking photos.

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers | Railroad Park Engagement Session Katherine & Cameron's

If you have all these basic things, you’re in store for some gorgeous photos! Of course, feel free to ask us for our recommendations if you need help picking a location or outfit. We are so happy to help! We’ve even written a few posts about our favorite spots here in Birmingham, Alabama you can find here! Also, if you’re a Katie & Alec couple, we will send you our signature engagement session style guide to prep you even more for your session!


Katie & Alec

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