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We're Katie & Alec Dixon. Ice cream obsessed, fun-loving husband-and-wife wedding photographers based in Birmingham, Alabama. We shoot joy-filled weddings on the weekends and fill our weeks with editing, too much sugar, and things that make us laugh hard. It's our belief that wedding planning can be stressful, but your wedding photography shouldn't be. Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web. We hope that you'll stay a-while and enjoy our latest work & posts. 

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The Story of Us


The bright glow from our Mac Book Pro goes from a familiar friend to a stinging reminder that we’re coming up empty. That little blinking cursor creates a slow kind of rage within us that won’t be ignored… writers block has hit in full force. If it’s happened to us once, it’s happened to us […]

For Photographers, For Photographers

June 25, 2019

Writers block, we hate you…


Wednesday Wisdom: Working Hard Even When It Hurts By: Katie   As photographers, creatives, and people in general with bigger dreams than we can make happen on our own it can be insanely difficult to swallow the fact that we might not be where we want to be. The dream, well “the dream,” is typically […]

For Photographers, KAP Behind the Scenes, Wednesday Wisdom

January 20, 2016

Working Hard Even When It Hurts


Dance with the Fear By Katie Heard the lord… and I remember who I was and I learned to dance with the fear that I’d been running from. -Ben Rector “Fear” Have you ever just felt like you fear is too much for you to move forward? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, choking you from […]

For Photographers, Wednesday Wisdom

January 4, 2016

Dance with the Fear

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